2024 DWALY Festival

Join us for the inaugural DWALY Festival, a vibrant celebration.

This day-long extravaganza will be dedicated to fathers and their children, offering a unique blend of fun, learning, and connection. Whether you're a new dad seeking guidance, a single father looking for support, or just want to have a great day out with your kids, the DWALY Festival has something special for you.

  • Workshops & Seminars

    Topics will range from parenting advice, legal rights workshops (focusing on custody and child support), financial planning, and health and wellness.

  • Kids’ Zone

    Fun activities for children, allowing fathers to spend quality time with their kids. This will include games, crafts, and interactive learning activities.

  • Resource Fair

    Booths and stands where fathers can connect with local resources, including financial advisors, attorneys specializing in family law, and parenting support groups.

The DWALY Foundation

By fostering a strong network of support, advocacy, and education, we commit to making a significant difference in the lives of single fathers and their children, ensuring that the bond of fatherhood is nurtured and preserved for generations to come.

Not only are we planning on hosting the inaugural DWALY Festival in 2024, but we are planning a Single Father's Summit and a DWALY Cook-Off Challenge!